A breath of fresh air - latest animation film from Langdon

Posted on 26th January, 2016

A Breath of Fresh Air is the latest animation by DEWNANs PRODUCTIONS, the working name of the Occupational Therapy (OT) based production team at Langdon. Kenson Low, Technical Instructor, comments: "We have been producing animated films on commission for over two years now, fulfilling client briefs from both within and outside of the Trust, with OT staff and users of our service working together to produce finished animated films. "Last year we were asked by the Langdon Smoking Cessation group to produce an animation to support the Langdon Smoke Free Project. After meeting with the group to discuss the film requirements, what information they wanted to be communicated, and some story board ideas, the team started on an eight week schedule to make A Breath of Fresh Air." "The schedule runs as part of the Occupational Therapy timetable, and people from our service who have previously gained experience from participating in the ward based animation OT sessions, are invited to work on commissions. As well as some of the theraputic aims, for example, improving concentration, motivation, coordination, the animation sessions also provide development in a wide range of skills including, storyboarding, character and set design, production, special effects, camera and sound work, and film editing. Working on and completing a 'live' film commission can also be a great confidence boost  and seeing one's work up on screen, appreciated by others, is something to be proud of. "We hope you enjoy the animation." Click the images or links to view the film.