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I need help with...

I’m finding it difficult to manage my emotions and feelings

Stress, anxiety and depression are powerful emotions. Here are some ways to help you cope with your feelings.


It’s normal to experience some stress and anxiety, and at some point in our lives many of us will become depressed. Stress, anxiety and depression can all have an impact on our ability to manage our feelings and emotions.

Recognising that you’re having problems coping with stress, anxiety or depression is a positive sign that you can do something about it.

What to do

Your mood can change over time, so it’s worth keeping an eye on how you’re feeling. You can ‘Check your mood’ with a free self-assessment tool provided by the NHS. Learn more

If you feel you’re becoming stressed, anxious or depressed the NHS has developed some simple ways that you can help yourself to feel happier, developing skills and strategies to cope with your emotions. Learn more

If your stress, anxiety or depression is seriously affecting your daily life then it’s important that you speak to you GP. They can help you to identify the best ways to get help with your condition, including referring you to a range of talking therapies.

You can also contact TALKWORKS.

If you are in crisis call 0808 196 8708 or visit our 'I need help now' page or contact Samaritans on 116 123 or