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I can’t leave the house

Feeling trapped inside the house is a classic symptom of agoraphobia, but with treatment things can get better.


If you’re finding it difficult to leave the house you could be experiencing agoraphobia. Learn more

Those with agoraphobia can experience symptoms similar to a panic attack when trying to leave the house – an increase in your heart rate, rapid breathing and felling hot, sweaty and sick.

To help cope, they may choose not to leave the house or avoid any situations that cause stress. Over time this can make things worse. 

What to do

If you’re experiencing agoraphobia it may feel difficult to leave the house, but a trip to your GP is a great first step in helping you to get better. If you find it impossible to leave the house, your GP may be able to conduct a consultation over the phone.

They can diagnose the condition, and suggest treatment suitable for you. This involves educating yourself about the condition, undertaking a self-help programme and potentially more intensive treatments like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Learn more

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