Staff Networks

Our Staff Networks offer welcoming and safe spaces for staff to come together as peers to talk about experiences, facilitate networking and share their ideas. Feedback, ideas and input received from the Staff Networks helps to inform change within our organisation. This in turn enhances people’s experiences of working for Devon Partnership NHS Trust and improves individual's experiences of accessing and using services. We have seven Networks for staff:
  • Staff Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Staff Network
  • LGBTQI+ Staff Network
  • Disability, Impairment and Long-term Conditions Staff Network
  • Mental Health Staff Network
  • Neurodivergent Staff Network
  • Working Carers Staff Network
  • Menopause Matters Staff Network

Ethnic Minorities Staff Network

This staff network exists to provide a safe and supportive peer network of colleagues who are Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic. The network holds space to discuss experiences, thoughts and concerns within a supportive listening arena. The network also has a work focused element which considers important improvement works such as the Workforce Race Equality Standard and its associated actions.

LGBTQI+ Staff Network

The LGBTQI+ Staff Network provides a welcoming and supportive peer network of colleagues who identify within LGBTQI+ communities. The group has the ability to steer, support, lead, champion and celebrate LGBTQI+ focused work being undertaken across the organisation. The network has a work based meeting schedule and also a social element which takes place outside of core working hours. 

Disability, Impairment and Long-term Conditions Staff Network

The Disability, Impairment and Long Term Conditions Staff Network aims to provide a safe space for staff to connect, share experiences and information, and provide support. The network is also keen to raise awareness and visibility of disabilities, to help promote an inclusive and diverse culture and remove any potential barriers that people with disabilities may face.

Mental Health Staff Network

The network meets monthly and is open to all Trust staff with a mental health condition. Joining the Mental Health Network provides members with access to regular networking with peers, sharing experiences and championing ideas and innovation. The network was created as a number of staff people with a mental health condition did not feel they had a disability, and as such should have its own space.  

Neurodivergent Staff Network

The Neurodivergent Staff Network was recently renamed based on staff feedback. Anyone who identifies as Neurodivergent is welcome to join the network space. The network provides support based on shared experiences. Members also support work across the organisation that aims to create a sense of belonging, celebrating the joys and successes that neurodiversity brings to the workplace. The network also share information about relevant research, conferences, and sources of support.

Working Carers Staff Network

This calm network offers a space for peers working at the Trust to come together for an hour, away from the competing demands of everyday life. It is a space to support one another and share suggestions for self-care and wellbeing, which can be hard to find time for when you are a working carer. 

Menopause Matters Staff Network

Our Menopause Matters Staff Network was created in 2018. It provides a safe forum where staff experiencing any stage of the menopause can seek support from peer colleagues. The network share their experiences, tips and information about the menopause. The network often welcomes guest speakers to attend, alongside holding a space for discussion and support. 
If you have any questions about any of our Staff Networks please contact