Research for everyone

CLIMB - An anonymous online survey of over 29,000 people to establish patient and public views on the sharing of identifiable health data for clinical purposes, and de-identified health data for research within the UK. Over half of the responders supported sharing identifiable health data for clinical purposes across the whole of the UK, and 76% of people wanted it shared across a smaller area. There was also overall support for de-identifiable data sharing with NHS, academic institutions and national research charities for research purposes. Find out more on the CLIMB website.

Psychological Impact of COVID 19 – An online survey examining the impact of pandemic mitigation policies, including lockdown relaxation and face coverings, on the mental health of the general population. Results show that relaxation of lockdown, and compulsory face coverings had a positive effect on peoples mental health. Read the full results from Phase 1 of the study. 

Preferences for Group Arts Therapies - A cross-sectional survey of mental health patients and the general population. The published article can be found here.