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Research participant talking to DPT staff

Research participant talking to DPT staff

Research feedback

SIREN Study participant: “When I heard about the SIREN Study I was extremely keen to join, not only as research is important, but I have personally benefitted from being part of this study as it has kept me feeling safe and up-to-date, not only for me, but for my husband, my elderly relatives, my children and my grandchildren, family and friends as well as my work colleagues. I valued all the feedback/results I received from the Staff (who, by the way were extremely kind and informative).  I can honestly say, it has been really worthwhile for me as I felt safe knowing I was fit and well throughout the Study and each fortnight I was updated on antibodies and information etc.  Over the past year when we have all been keeping our distance and wearing masks this Study has been an extra bonus and I can’t thank the team enough for letting me be part of it and would encourage anyone to engage in Research.  It will not only help you, but in the long run it will help others.”

Brain in Hand Study Participant: “My experience of trialling the Brain in hand app for DPT has been a fantastic opportunity and has also been incredibly insightful for myself to continue making positive progress and overcome barriers in my daily life.

"I’ve previously been part of patient participation groups however I have NEVER seen anything as exciting as Brain in hand.

"Brain in hand has allowed me to become and feel more independent, as well as learn new coping skills to complete tasks I previously couldn’t do independently confidently.

"My hope is brain and hand will be able to support individuals on the Autism diagnosis pathway within DPT to allow them to learn more about themselves and their support needs and to help improve their overall health and well-being pre and post diagnosis. I strongly feel this technology long term will help improve Autistic individual's co morbid mental health conditions.

"This was my first time participating in research for DPT and I felt well supported throughout and wouldn’t hesitate to participate again in research if approached to do so".