Research studies - open for recruitment

The following research studies are currently open for recruitment:


AD-Genetics - A genetics study looking to identify unique genes associated with both Early and Late Onset Alzheimer’s disease. View the patient information sheet for the Early Onset arm here and for the Late Onset arm here

DAYBREAK - A randomised, placebo controlled study looking at the efficiency of two drug doses in slowing disease progression in Alzheimer's disease. View the patient information sheet here

Symbad - Clinical trial of Mirtazapine versus Carbamazepine versus placebo in the treatment of agitation for people with dementia. View the patient information sheet here

You can find out more about dementia studies and others on the Join Dementia Research website and also on the University of Exeter dementia research website.

Schizophrenia and Psychosis

ADR - Identifying any genetic predispositions for adverse reactions to Clozapine, to develop individualised drug therapy. View the patient information sheet here

PPiP - An observational study collecting demographic and clinical data, in addition to a blood sample. This study aims to understand if some cases of psychiatric illness are caused by the presence of specific antibodies. View the patient information sheet here

SINAPPS2 - Clinical trial of immunotherapy versus placebo for people whose blood tests show that their psychosis is antibody-associated. 

SCENE Part 3 - An intervention study for people with psychosis, providing active support to increase social contacts and social activities. View the patient information sheet here 

TRIM - Observational study for people starting Clozapine, to establish the biological factors associated with the effectiveness of medication in reducing symptoms. 

Health and Wellbeing - A very brief questionnaire for people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar and associated disorders, about lifestyle and physical health. View the patient information sheet here

Armed Forces Veterans

The University of Exeter is recruiting ex-forces personnel who were deployed to a combat zone during their career, to take part in a research study. The study will last about an hour and will take place at the University of Exeter where people will be asked to fill out questionnaires and to listen to a short meditation. If you are interested in the study, please click here for further information. 


Molecular investigation into Bipolar Disorder (perinatal arm) - This study is looking at factors that make some women with bipolar disorder more likely than others to experience mood episodes in the postpartum period. We hope this study will lead to better prediction and treatments for these episodes. View the patient information sheet here


ASC - The Adult Autism Spectrum Cohort UK, Autism condition in Adulthood - Learning about the lives of adults on the autism spectrum and their relatives in order to create an evidence-based approach to meeting health and social care needs. View the patient information sheet here


MOAM - A randomised controlled trial of mentalisation based therapy for offending adult males with a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder. 

Mood disorders

REACT - This study is looking at the effectiveness of an online toolkit in helping the relatives of people with psychosis or bipolar disorder to cope with stress. View the patient information sheet here

THrIVe-B - Assessing the effectiveness of adapted Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for mood instability in primary care. View the patient information sheet here
Mindfulness survey - A survey of people accessing IAPT support about mindfulness, self-compassion, wellbeing and mental health. 
ADepT - A randomised controlled trial of the ADepT psychosocial therapy, which aims to repair positivity deficits for acute depression. The study compares this approach to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. View the patient information sheet here
Eating disorders
Opiant Bulimia - A randomised controlled trial of the effects of Naloxone Hydrochloride nasal spray on binge eating behaviours in bulimia nervosa. View the patient information sheet here
Triangle - A randomised controlled trial to examine whether the addition of a patient and carer skill sharing intervention improves long-term patient wellbeing following hospital treatment for anorexia nervosa. View the patient information sheet here

If you are interested in being involved in participating in research please email or phone 01392 674117.