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Get involved in research

Our Trust supports a wide range of studies from mental health to eating disorders to dementia.  

The studies we support can involve filling in questionnaires, trialling medication or lifestyle/care interventions.

If you are using our services you should be given the opportunity to participate in relevant research studies. You can also ask your clinician about any research the Trust may be supporting.  

If you are willing to be involved in research and an appropriate study is identified you will be invited for screening. Researchers will ask you questions and do some checks to make sure that you match up to the eligibility criteria of the study. After the screening most studies require an informed consent where the researchers answer any questions that you may have and you will have time to decide if you want to participate in the research.  

Don’t be put off by terminology! The research team can provide patient information sheets for the studies and will always explain or answer any questions that you may have.  

If you decide at any point that the research isn’t right for you and you would rather not participate it will not affect your treatment and care. The research team are always contactable and will check that you are happy to continue to participate in a study.

Find out about studies open for recruitment.

Find out about studies we are supporting.