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PROTECT: A longitudinal study of cognition in people over 40 

PROTECT aims to understand how healthy brains age and why people develop dementia. The PROTECT study is run by the University of Exeter and Kings College London, in partnership with the NHS. 

You can join the study if you:

  • Are aged 40 years or older
  • Reside in the UK
  • Do not have a diagnosis of dementia

Once a year, you will be asked to complete a set of questionnaires about yourself, your lifestyle and your health. Each takes an hour or less to complete. You will also be asked to take a series of online tests, to measure changes in brain function.

Sign up online:

For more information contact the team at:

Join Dementia Research (JDR)

A place to register your interest in dementia research. When you sign up to Join Dementia Research, the information you provide is used to match you to studies you may be able to take part in, both online, nationally and in your local area. The service connects registered volunteers with dementia researchers across the UK who are looking for people to join their studies.

You can sign up as a patient, on behalf of someone else or as a healthcare professional working in dementia healthcare. This resource makes a real difference to dementia research.

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