Inspiration Award

Joint Winners

  • Beech and Haytor Wards
  • Marie Ash
  • Sam Illes
  • Hélène Dillistone-Miller

Staff on Beech and Haytor Wards were nominated for the compassion, interest and dedication they showed in the care of a complex, challenging, terminally ill patient.

Marie Ash "goes the extra mile to provide valuable emotional and psychological support to people who use our services".

Sam Illes, a volunteer lived experience consultant, is involved in all aspects of the delivery of the Four Steps to Safety violence reduction project, spending three to four days per week of her time to teach staff from all inpatient wards.

Hélène Dillistone-Miller brings creativity, enthusiasm, empathy and compassion to her role as Pottery and Creative Arts Group Facilitator on Russell Clinic.

Highly Commended

  • Yvette Alves-Veira
  • Ray Lancaster
  • Jackie Tonks and William (George) Harris

Yvette Alves-Veira illustrates the true definition of inspiration in her work to improve the outcomes of people who use our services with treatment-resistant schizophrenia.

Ray Lancaster, Managing Partner in Secure Services, is described as an inspiration by his colleagues for his passion and knowledge for the service, for his development of leadership and nurturing talent.

Jackie Tonks and William (George) Harris were nominated by a carer for their care and compassion: “They truly have been an inspiration to my son and family and I feel really safe in the knowledge that they are continuing to provide his care.”

This award is sponsored by Deputy Director of Workforce and Organisational Development, Darran Armitage.