Devon Partnership Trust daisy logoAbout our organisation  

  • We provide a range of high quality specialist mental health and learning disability services for the people of Devon  Some of our services meet the needs of the wider South West, such as those for people with eating disorders, gender identity concerns or people requiring a secure environment.
  • We employ around 2,500 diverse staff. Our mission is to become a centre of excellence and expertise in the field of mental health and learning disability by 2021.  
  • Our aim is to deliver consistently high quality, recovery-focused care and treatment and to ensure our services are driven by the voices of the people who use them.
  • Many of our staff have received national and international recognition. #ProudofDPT
  • We are an equal opportunities employer and aim to challenge discrimination and stigma and champion recovery, inclusion and wellbeing. We also strive for mental health and learning disability services to be understood and valued in the same way as physical health services.  
  • We have a budget of £145m a year and employ around 2,500 staff. During the course of a year we receive 64,000 referrals and we are supporting around 18,000 people at any one time – and contacting 900 people a day.

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